Evandro Rodrigues

Evandro Rodrigues

CEO of Alphar Marketing

An aspiring young entrepreneur looking to bring value to other businesses.


Evandro Rodrigues

Evandro Rodrigues is the founder and CEO of Alphar Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Marlborough, Massachusetts, founded in 2020. Alphar Marketing works with small to medium sized businesses to establish and scale their digital presence. He develops and manages websites for all current clients, all while managing and growing Alphar Marketing.

Background Experience

Since a young age, Evandro has always been interested in developing digital solutions such as websites, games, chrome extensions, applications, and more. Through many years of personal experience, trial, error and many online courses, Evandro established an online business to build websites for businesses in 2020.

After attending and graduating General Assembly in 2021, Evandro sought to grow his established digital marketing agency with his sharpened skillset. Alphar Marketing now offers both Web Design and Web Marketing solutions.