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How we digitally established E&V Masonry

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How we digitally established E&V Masonry


Prior to us working with E&V Masonry, the business had little to no digital presence. They were dealing with an older website that had little information about their business and services, didn't showcase projects and had no contact form.

Additionally, the business did not have a Google listing or any real lead generation system. Referrals were the only form of lead generation the business was utilizing, which can be dangerous.


The Alphar Marketing team created a business strategy to first establish digital presence and then grow the digital presence through digital marketing efforts.


Digital Presence: We created a brand new website that showcases the business and its' services extremely well. The high converting website allows us to send traffic from our digital marketing campaigns and generate leads through the website.

Digital Marketing: The first step was to list the business on Google My Business and a few other appropriate business listing platforms. We then created a Facebook Ad campaign and a Google Ads campaign. We continue to run the campaigns profitably to this day and we are actively working on SEO to organically rank the website.

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